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A lot of clients are unclear at the outset of our working relationship how home designers/builders and designers are paid.  I thought this would be a good time to go over the details on how Edict is paid and why our compensation is set up the way that it is. First of all, after a…

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Currently, I’m working with a great family that has purchased a lake house on a 2 acre lot with an outdated late 60’s ranch on it but with beautiful views. We are taking this house from outdated to a contemporary 2 story lake house with brand new Master, Brand new garage and completely redesigned floor…

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The Goals of the Interior Designer/Builder

Any project we undertake will have a plethora of things to consider and requirements that must be adhered to when constructing a new space or remodeling an existing one. The most obvious considerations are the program, the goals of the client, building codes, ordinances, siting, etc.   However, there are also the agenda/goals of the…

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Dallas Penthouse

I am working with a couple that have decided to combine two Turtle Creek penthouses into one large 2-story space.   Neither have worked with an interior designer before so they are on a bit of a learning curve.  They’re a great couple, fun yet very detailed. They contacted me wanting a contemporary design for their…

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Interior Design Budgets

The one thing that I always contend with on any interior design project is the budget. I have only had 1 client that had an unlimited budget and let me do everything I wanted to do.  This was not the typical case with clients. Obviously, most of us have budgets and do not have unlimited…

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