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2017 Interior Design Trends

Five Trends in Interior Design for 2017 GREEN. It’s the Pantone color for 2017 and it’s popping up all over the place in fashion, home decor and commercial design.  Get your Kermit on! MIXED PATTERNS.  Mix it up!  Mixing up typically “mismatched” patterns creates interest and eclecticism in a way that traditional combinations of fabrics and materials does…

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New Site

You may have noticed, if you’re a long time Edict Inc. client or a casual repeat visitor that we have recreated our site entirely! We’re working hard to add all of our most current projects to our Portfolio as well as adding more of our custom made products produced exclusively by Edict Inc.’s furnishings division.…

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To Ikea or not Ikea?

Ok, so as a professional designer of interiors and homes I am often met with clients that have Ikea furnishings.  Some very wealthy clients have Ikea furnishings, so the idea that it is only seen in the most gauche of homes, is not true. So how do I feel about Ikea?  Well, my feelings are…

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Contemporary Bathroom & Media Room Remodel

I am working with a really nice couple on the remodel of their bathroom, Master Bedroom, and Media Room. Below are some approved concepts. Initially, with clients, we give them a questionnaire that outlines their specific needs/wants for each space.  After meeting with them to discuss the questionnaire and complete the “programming” phase of the…

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Designing A Home

Designing a home is not as simple as one may think it. I met with a client recently and they are building a new home.  We were discussing their program (space planning, what their needs were, etc.) and I began discussing my philosophy of the importance in creating an environment that not only meets the…

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