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Design Build – Back to the Start

What are the benefits to hiring a design-build firm in which the designer is also the general contractor? Strangely enough this interdisciplinary form of project delivery was a common practice before the mid-twentieth century when design and construction were inextricably linked.  The term master-builder was earned after years of hand on experience through rigorous construction apprenticeship…

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Native Plants in the Texas Homeowner’s Landscape

Native Plants in the Texas Homeowner’s Landscape   Native plants are plants that have adapted to the geography, rainfall levels, and climate of a particular region. Native plants occur in communities, that is, they have evolved together with other plants. As a result, a community of native plants provides habitat for a variety of native wildlife…

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Sustainable Design in Residential Home Design

Sustainable Design Green isn’t a buzzword. In our business practice and in our profession, sustainable design is a basic criteria. Edict advances sustainability as a requirement throughout the planning and design process on all of our projects. We firmly believe that saving energy and resources is not only good for the environment, but also good for…

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To Ikea or not Ikea?

Ok, so as a professional designer of interiors and homes I am often met with clients that have Ikea furnishings.  Some very wealthy clients have Ikea furnishings, so the idea that it is only seen in the most gauche of homes, is not true. So how do I feel about Ikea?  Well, my feelings are…

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