Residential Interior Design is as personal as it gets. To have a successful interior design, Edict ensures that it gets to know its clients, their personal preferences, lifestyle, and wants and needs. By getting to know our clients we can provide a personalized environment that meets all of your needs and your wishes.

We can handle as little or as much as you wish. Some of our clients prefer to have us handle the interior design, the purchasing of all of their furnishings, oversight of contractors, and the final installation. Other clients prefer to have us simply create a design according to their preferences and needs and then carry out the plan on their own. Still, other clients choose a combination. Whatever you need we can handle it for you!

A few of the services we provide:

  • Interior Design

  • Interior Architecture

  • Construction/Remodeling

  • Floor Plans/House Design

  • New Home Design & Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Window Treatment Design/Manufacture/Purchase

  • Lighting Design

  • Color Consultation

  • Paint/Wallpaper/Wall Treatment

  • Flooring selection

  • Furnishings selections/specifications

Edict creates home interiors based on our founding principle: achieving livable luxury within a whole environment of comfort and beauty. Specializing in modern and transitional interiors, our interior design brings harmonious, personal style to your home in a seamless blend of old and new, or just all new!

When it comes to home interior design, Edict understands the importance of creating a personal haven reflective of your individual preferences, lifestyle and personality. We do this in the context of timeless designs that are sensitive to your home’s architectural style and immediate surroundings, integrating the interiors carefully with the structure and site.

Home Interior Design Values

Edict’s provides the aesthetic cohesion often lacking in the remodeling industry. We encourage clients to utilize our interior design expertise to ensure a successful, integrated home remodeling project with maximum creativity.

Whether you want a whole new interior for your home or are building a kitchen addition, Edict will take every detail into account – your lifestyle, needs, budget, etc. We take a holistic approach to every single home interior design project. With us, it’s about seeing the little details AND the bigger picture and putting it together to create a functional, beautiful space you can enjoy for years.

Well-executed interior design is vital to creating a home you will not only enjoy but absolutely LOVE! No matter what your home interior needs are, Edict will make sure it comes to life exactly the way you envisioned.

If you need only home interior services, Edict can still help you. We can provide interior design independently of our architectural and construction services.