Edict is adept at designing your new home or remodeling an existing one.  Whether you are building a new home or simply remodeling, we can help with any aspect of project or take it from beginning to end.  The fact that we are also a licensed real estate broker means we can help you find the ideal lot, negotiate the best deal, and then design and build your home, if you wish.  We can even help you sell your old home if needed. can provide you with oversight of construction on your project as well if so desired. This allows the entire process to be under the control and responsibility of one entity rather than several. This means a better end product and cost savings over hiring a design firm as well as a general contractor.

We believe that great architecture demands a higher level of involvement from the architect throughout the duration of the project, from the very first conversations through completion and occupancy. We have always been very hands-on and heavily involved during construction of our projects and make this option available to our residential clients. By building our own projects, we are able to bring cost savings to the client, as well as retain greater creative control during construction. When the design and construction teams are working side-by-side from the start of the project, it creates a win-win situation that results in a smooth process for everyone, client included, and a higher quality product in the end.

STEP 1We meet with you to better understand your dreams, design preferences, and the needs of you and/or your family.

STEP 2We assist you in selecting the best lot and broker the transaction.   Since we are a licensed real estate broker as well, we can negotiate the best deal on the land for you.   Any commissions will be refunded to you once you have built the home with us – making your purchase of the land or teardown structure for your new home absolutely FREE.  Just one of the many benefits of using Edict to design and build your home.

STEP 3Design your home specific to your needs, and the lot and zoning requirements of the site.  Being educated and professional interior designers and architects, we offer much more than a common builder would provide to you – ensuring the home we design for you is unique to you, your needs, and your budget all while creating an expression of architecture and design that will impress everyone and be a real home for you and or your family.

STEP 4We build your new home!

New Homes

Edict works with clients to identify their individual needs and expectations.  Working together we develop a design that integrates comfort, beauty, and sustainability to create a uniquely personal environment.


Edict recognizes that each home bears its own unique style, existing conditions, and special requirements.  Whether working with traditional homes or adapting to changing styles of architecture, Edict has over 13 years experience.  We celebrate the elegance of the past while incorporating modern amenities for family living and business needs.

Whether you simply need a new patio cover, a small bathroom renovation or an entire home renovation, we can help.


Long considered the heart of the home, kitchens have evolved from a small utility space to the center of activity and entertaining in today’s modern home. Edict offers a wide range of kitchen design options reflecting the personalities and lifestyles of their clients.

Edict designs bathrooms for comfort, ease and relaxation.  For clients seeking a spa experience, Edict specializes in using quality materials that promote sustainability without sacrificing luxury.  Efficiency and creativity are used to maximize small spaces.