Edict provides free in home design consultations to help you come up with the perfect plan to create your dream home.

Our designs can range from many different sizes, styles and budget requirements. We recommend that anyone looking to do a complete make over of their yard invest in full landscape design. The reason for this is that doing a landscape design will be a valuable tool for you to make the decisions necessary to create an area that you are truly happy with. Our designers will work with you one on one to come up with a design you are 100% delighted with. Because you are working out your plan on paper, there won’t be any costly adjustments after the installation of your project.

Edict Design Build specializes in creating outdoor living spaces that are strongly connected to the home and garden. Working together with you, we create a design and landscape that is stylistically appropriate, expertly executed, beautiful and functional.Additionally, this harmonious match between your environment and architecture integrates sustainable design strategies and materials that reduce upkeep and save water. Cohesion is the ultimate goal where all aspects, from design and installation to maintenance, are skillfully managed to ensure success. A long lasting outdoor sanctuary that is Eco Friendly is the ultimate goal.Our landscape design services include:

  • Sustainable and Green Landscape Design
  • Site planning and evaluation for sustainability and ease of maintenance
  • Landscape designs to enhance passive solar heating and cooling
  • Recycled and sustainable material choices
  • Butterfly gardens and aquatic gardens including wildlife habitat plants and edible landscapes
  • Green living roofs and living walls
  • Medicinal gardens, organic culinary gardens, and organic fruit orchards
  • Art sculpture environments
  • Custom pet habitats
  • Water features- solar heated and saline swimming pools, spas, fountains, waterfalls, rills, cascades, & ponds
  • Hardscape and entertaining areas
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Drainage and Storm water management
  • Efficient Irrigation systems
  • Metal fabrication
  • Climate-appropriate plant palettes and planting

Our approach to our work is based on the recognition that landscapes are unique kinds of artifacts which express and transmit ideas and values, providing a living environment for experience rather than an object of experience. A landscape is a conversation with nature.

Design in the landscape can aspire to the creation of places which address and recover the loss of connections to the natural world, encouraging participation, stewardship, and engagement of memory and the imagination.

We pay careful attention to the details that make the difference between an ordinary garden and an extraordinary one. We focus on creating symbiotic relationships between the plants, soils, water, buildings and the microclimates of Dallas or wherever your garden is located. After all, your outdoor space should be attuned to the environment in which you live, and seamlessly blend with the beauty that surrounds your home and garden.

Edict integrates comprehensive analysis, classic design principles and innovation. Our well-developed and detailed designs avoid unnecessary costs and anticipate potential problems before breaking ground. We apply a thorough understanding of local climate, natural resources and characteristics specific to the region.

Our commitment to you is to contribute creative and well-conceived solutions that will stand the test of time.
If you would like to learn more about our Green landscape design services, or require more information regarding how we can create a sustainable outdoor space with our Dallas Green Remodeling services, please contact us at your earliest convenience via phone or email.


Not sure if a landscape design is right for you?

Give us a call and we can go over the specific details of the project you are doing and give you an honest recommendation on whether or not you need a design. In some cases we are able to give estimates for our installations and services without creating a design.