Lake House – Demo Days

The first step is always to do away with the old to make room for the new!


The construction crew literally just goes at it with hammers and electric saws.  Its loud & dusty – but if you are having a bad day, it could be a great way to exhaust your frustrations!






















This fireplace is going to be completely unrecognizable when we’re done with it.  It will be updated to a much more contemporary and clean design while maintaining the scale.




The kitchen has been obliterated.  We’re going to expand the kitchen space by about 1/3rd as well as open it up to the living areas and put in brand new appliances, counters, an island, built-ins and cabinetry.  It will be beautiful!













The demo process took about 2 weeks to complete.  Unfortunately not much was useable, we like to save what we can and reuse it if possible (old studs and framing lumber is often far more dimensionally stable than the new stuff they sell these days).     Next, framing the addition!