Interior Design Budgets

The one thing that I always contend with on any interior design project is the budget.

I have only had 1 client that had an unlimited budget and let me do everything I wanted to do.  This was not the typical case with clients. Obviously, most of us have budgets and do not have unlimited funds to spend on desiging our homes.

Client budgets range from $5000 for a small refresh, to $25,000 – $50K on average, to $100K and up on rare occasions.   Obviously it depends on whether I am simply designing the interior of one room, many, or designing an entire house inside and out.

When hiring us for your interior design keep in mind that your budget will most likely go farther than if you were to simply do the interior design on your own.  For example, as an interior designer, I have access to wholesale pricing and steep discounts on furnishings and materials (such as tile, flooring, fabrics, etc.) that I can pass on to you, the client as part of our services.   Not only do you get the discounts, but you benefit from my design knowledge and years of experience and education in interior design.


Here are some examples of past projects and the budget set for that room by the client:



This client had a $20,000 budget for this room.   This budget included the construction costs.   They were able to get these furnishings and materials mostly at 1/2 retail cost for using DLD as their designer.  The fabrics, materials, and furnishings are all higher-end and will last as long as they want them.



In this Kitchen, their budget was $50,000.  Kitchens are NOT cheap! Especially higher end kitchens like this one with double Sub-Zeros, build in ovens, stainless steel counters, new hardwood flooring, breakfast nook, new lighting, new custom hardwood cabinetry, and all of the other appliances and construction costs.

However, despite the fact that this was an expensive Kitchen, we essentially were able to give them a $75,000 kitchen for $50,000 with our discounts!


The kitchen Before!


This condo’s kitchen budget was $20,000 which is on the lower end (believe it or not) for most kitchen remodels. Take a look at the before and after!

A good lesson in size being a huge indicator of cost but nevertheless we were able to get them these custom designed cabinets (by us) made for only $5000! That includes the custom glass cabinetry as well.



Before photo of a Den that we designed.


Here’s the same room “AFTER”.


New hardwoods, new drywall and moldings and ceiling texture and a new furnishings made all the difference.

The remodel of this room was only $15,000 including the labor.



So you see that budgets run the gamut but ultimately you can really save by using DLD as your interior designer!

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