In Progress

A design for a client’s Master Bedroom addition I am working on.

A few of the iterations are below.

They wanted something that is completely contrary to the existing architecture of their mid-century traditional home.  They wanted something contemporary, with lots of light and great views.

I’ll keep you posted with floor plans, designs, renderings, etc. as the project moves along!



negative space – this is the option they chose and I am currently refining and fleshing out the design – it looks very different now and much more interesting – this was simply an initial idea.


Slightly “off-kilter”


the “mid-century modern” version – simple, expected but still nice with lots of light.   I felt this was closest in-keeping with the era of their home but they preferred something much more contemporary.


I really thought this one was cool and different. It has a great play on light and has a large skylight across the entire ridge of the roof behind where you see the opening on the side of the roofline.


Here is some of the progress on what has been designed so far on one of the two final options.  This one steps down and meets the existing roofline so that there is a relationship between the new and the old.   It has a volume on the left and a twisted volume on the right.   Also, the facade veers back from the right to the left at an angle for more hierarchy and interest.

Not sure about this one yet.   They may prefer the other simpler version, but will post more when I am done with the final renderings and design!


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