Design Build – Back to the Start

What are the benefits to hiring a design-build firm in which the designer is also the general contractor?

Strangely enough this interdisciplinary form of project delivery was a common practice before the mid-twentieth century when design and construction were inextricably linked.  The term master-builder was earned after years of hand on experience through rigorous construction apprenticeship and a study of spatial design and aesthetics.

The design build project delivery method has regained popularity over the past several years as the industry pushes towards a more efficient and economical approach.

There are several benefits of this approach such as the property owner may contract directly with one entity to carry out the project from start to finish.  The architect is intrinsically connected to the construction methodologies and costs, strategically selecting and distributing the best products and finishes in the most optimized areas of the project.  The resulting effect is a harmonious building in which both the overall design and detailing seamlessly blend.

The design build practice also decreases the overall length of the project schedule since the designer  is simultaneously pricing the project throughout the design phase.

This process synthesizes strategy and craft resulting in a high quality project that coheres with client objectives. It also provides a more direct line of communication since the owner has one point of contact for decision making.  Lastly, construction disputes are solved internally thereby removing time and money of conflict resolution measures.

Part of Edict’s mission is to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your interior design-build and/or  general contracting and real estate needs.  We feel it’s going back to basics and a time when home building and renovation had a quality directive.