A lot of clients are unclear at the outset of our working relationship how home designers/builders and designers are paid.  I thought this would be a good time to go over the details on how Edict is paid and why our compensation is set up the way that it is.

First of all, after a client decides to work with us, we draft an agreement outlining all of the terms of our future and harmonious working relationship!

Within that agreement, the first, and main fee is typically our design fee which if it’s a large project or a project of any significance at all really, is typically a flat fee.   For example, if we have a client that wants us to design a remodel for their entire home or even just a single room, we will determine a flat fee based on the amount of work needed to do the conceptual design, the schematic design, and the construction documentation, the 3D renderings and/or walk-throughs, and putting together an overall materials or specifications list for the client.  That’s the that main fee we charge for our services.

However, often times, a client will also hire Edict to not only design their new space(s), but also to help them make selections of specific furnishings, materials, etc.   Although our design scheme includes general suggestions of furnishings/etc., if a client wants our expertise in assisting them with shopping for or along side them for the perfect items to fulfill the design scheme, we will of course do this as well.  This typically means we simply charge a percentage of what you purchase through us, or through our sources or simply for the time to go shopping with you whether you purchase anything or not.

The final fee we may charge, would be if you also would like us to implement the design plan through construction and/or project management of the construction.  For the time to coordinate and oversee our contractors or sub-contractors to build, paint, do electrical work, plumbing, framing, wallpaper, or any other construction, we typically charge a percentage of the total cost of construction for this as well.

Of course, if a client is only seeking generalized advice, perhaps to help choose a paint color or fabric, etc., we also offer our services on an hourly basis for these types of consultations.

We make sure we make all of our charges above-board and completely transparent so you always know exactly what you are paying us with monthly statements and invoices outlining in detail the charges.

Investing in your home’s design and/or interior design is always a wise investment and we want to make the process as smooth as possible.