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EDICT specializes in residential and commercial projects. Based in the Dallas Area, our practice creates original designs that address the unique needs and budget of each client. EDICT is a fine home building, remodeling, and interior design company. We integrate home design, interiors, and construction to create incredible homes with timeless livability. Edict believes that livability and beauty is essential to every design endeavor.

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What We Do

Hire us for any one of our services or allow us to handle the entire project from beginning to end. You’re in the driver’s seat!

Interior Design

Edict can create an interior environment that envelops, comforts, excites, or inspires. Whatever type of interior you’re looking for we can make it a reality!

Home Design + Build

Create your new home from the ground up! Allow Edict to give you an integrated experience by designing your new home or remodel and then building it.

Landscape Design

Edict is great at landscape design and implementation of softscape and hardscape for an incredible curb appeal and back yard paradise. Edict can make it a reality!

Commercial Design

Commercial Design of office spaces and businesses that want an incredible environment to work in and to host clients in.


Edict can provide construction services that integrate with our design services for a turn-key experience & eliminates miscommunication.


Edict also offers staging services for clients planning to sell their home. Staging is proven to sell a home up to 80% faster than non-staged homes!

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The team behind you

No. We offer our first meeting as our free initial consultation. Although we do not give out design advice at the initial meeting, it gives us a chance to meet and to discuss your project objectives and preferences and allows us to see the scope of the project in person as well as the actual space or spaces to be designed.

After our initial discussion with a client on the phone and upon scheduling our first meeting, we email a link to a questionnaire that we have developed which helps us to better understand your budget, your design preferences (such as color choices, styles, modern, contemporary, number of people using the space, etc. At our initial meeting we will go over the questionnaire with you and further assess your needs. After our meeting, we will send you an agreement for services which outlines what we will do for you and what you as a client are responsible for providing, as well as payment schedules. After this, we will take measurements of your space if necessary or if it is a new construction or you have existing plans, we will make copies of these to create our own design plans. From these plans, we create floor plans, 3D renderings of the spaces, mood boards, (preliminary paint swatches, fabrics, furnishings selections, etc.) and additional overall concepts for the space based on your responses at our initial consultation and our questionnaire. Next, we hold a meeting with you to present to you our ideas for your space(s). At this meeting we determine what works for your and what doesn’t and take your feedback and integrate it into the the revisions for the design. Once we have your final approval for the concept, we create specification sheets which outline the exact materials, furnishings, lighting, accessories, etc. for your approval including the costs associated with these items. Upon a general consensus on the selections, we may take you shopping for the final items or to see items in person. Once we have final approval on these we will create the construction documentation for use by general contractors to carry out your project.

At this point you may choose to either have someone else actually oversee construction of your project, or we may oversee your project’s construction and ensure adherence to the agreed-upon design for an additional fee.

Either way, we are available to give you guidance along the way and help to ensure the integrity of the design. After the construction process is complete and/or furnishings are installed/delivered, we will do a final walkthrough with you and then have our professional photographer document our work for our portfolio and as a gift for you to see the before and after of the project.

The cost of your project is dependent upon the scope and the budget involved. There are two numbers to consider:

The Budget – The amount you have set aside for the cost of all of the furnishings, fixtures, materials, fabrics, etc. plus the cost of any construction or specially designed items you request.

Our Fee – The amount for our fees which are dependent upon the size of the project, the time anticipated to spend on the project, and the budget of the project. We can bill you either on a FLAT FEE basis or an HOURLY BASIS. HOURLY is best for general advice when you don’t really want an entire design scheme but general advice on color, flooring, lighting, etc. that may be taken care of within a few hours. FLAT FEE is best for full scale projects where we are providing you with an entire design scheme which either we can oversee or you can implement on your own.

Yes! We can and do design entire homes, from the ground up! It’s a shame most people who decide to build new go with cookie cutter homes that have very little character or anything special. For the same amount, or less , we can design for you an entire home that is specifically built, sited, and made to serve the needs of its inhabitants not just anyone who might buy it or just allow you to pick out the finishes.

Although we do, and have done, every conceivable design style, we are known for our modern and contemporary interior design the most.