2017 Interior Design Trends

Five Trends in Interior Design for 2017


It’s the Pantone color for 2017 and it’s popping up all over the place in fashion, home decor and commercial design.  Get your Kermit on!


Mix it up!  Mixing up typically “mismatched” patterns creates interest and eclecticism in a way that traditional combinations of fabrics and materials does not.   Keep it fresh!


Texture is a great way to instill interest into an otherwise bland room.  Hottest now are velvets and cottons and luxe yarns – often with pleating or tufting.   Old glamour is back!


Navy is the new black!  Whether you’re looking to accent your room or update your cabinets, navy blue is the preferred alternative to black this year.  A modern twist with a traditional or mid-century modern feel, navy blue pairs well with practically any color scheme, and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small (as black sometimes does).


It’s been a long run for DIY but as I previously mentioned, luxe and glamour are back and nothing is as luxe as artisanal products.  Things like hand blown vases, porcelain and woodworking with true craftsmanship and materials that require a high level of skill are what’s what now.